Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

Live Entertainment

Let us entertain you! Enjoy LIVE blockbuster music, exciting entertainment and world-class concerts.

Stage Bar – Open 24/7

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Every Friday & Saturday 8:30pm-1am 

December 19 & 20 - Blue Magnolia 

December 26 & 27 - Starz 

New Year's Eve 9pm - 1:30am The Throwback Experience

January 1 - 3 - The Throwback Experience

Bands may start late due to popular football games being shown on the BIG SCREEN.


The Elton John Tribute ROCKET MAN


8pm in the Cypress Ballroom

Tickets start at $9.95

Purchase tickets at the Gift Shop or call 1-800-229-2683

Elton John Tribute Rocket Man Video